Friday Update

Well it’s Friday and that means the end of another week.  It also means time for The Friday Update.  “What is The Friday Update Tannie and why do you capitalize things that don’t always need capitalizing?”  Well the Friday update is where I will post all the recent happenings on the building of the house.  It changes so much each day, that I am just going to do a weekly update rather then pester you each day with house photos.  Also if something is Very Important I will take a page from A. A. Milne’s writing style and capitalize it. It always makes me smile when he does that. And we are all about smiling here folks.

See. :-)

Anyway seeing as this is The First Friday Update.  I am going to have to actually summarize about three months of progress in one post.  Then we will do weekly updates.  Don’t worry the lot did nothing for two of those months.  It looked like this.

LotFor a looooooooooooooooooooong time. It was very boring.  Then one day this happened.

terracingThey terraced into the back hill.  I guess I should explain, the back of the lot has two hills or berms as we will call them from here on out.  So I try to take most the photos in the same spot, facing the front of the lot.  But if you notice some from above or a different angle, then I am standing on the berms.  Anywho, this was a surprise because we had gotten use to our lot just sitting there doing nothing.  Being a completely unproductive member of society.  Then it up and changed itself.  So that was fun, but after sitting there another 3 weeks we started getting bored again.  That’s when this happened.

That’s right, for those astute and quick of eye readers, you will notice that the trees are missing.  Which was sad, but we plan to plant plenty of replacements, so don’t worry about the lack of air cleaning trees.  So that was an exciting day because that meant Something was going to happen.  And it did!  In about the span of two weeks, all this happened.

it was all very exciting.  But the most exciting was when we showed up and found them pouring the cement.  While we were there 6 cement trucks were used.  We left before they were done, so I am not sure if that is the Official Count.  Then by the end of the day it was dry and ready to go.  We were so excited we did this.

The brick will cover it up, but we will know it is there.

So that brings us up to this week where we learned the answer to the following question.

Q: How much wood does a wood house need, if a wood house could have wood?

A: This much.

Those are two different piles and I don’t think the picture really captures the amount of wood there really is.  There is a third pile that I did not photograph. Every morning they keep bringing more.  So as of this morning this is where we are at.

There you go.  Our first Friday Update.  The crew this morning said they will be done with framing in two weeks.  Then we will have our pre-drywall meeting.  At that point I will give you guys the first video tour.  Your welcome.

So the Smiths are EXCITED.  Do you have any fun projects you want to share.  Go and discuss on The Smithocracy Facebook page.

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