Oh where oh where have the Smith’s gone?

Some of you may have noticed that you don’t see us so much anymore. You wonder “what happened? What could we have done to make them go away?” Well wonder no more! All will be explained today.

Actually I am very disappointed in the rumor mill. It has failed me miserably. Something that is usually so reliable. We thought we had told enough key people, but alas apparently we have some very good secret keepers in our friendship circle. Which is usually a good thing!

Just not this time.  ;-)

So lets break it down, shall we?

At the end of the school year we saw this.

LotWe thought, “this is pretty, we should put a house on it.”  So we did this

SoldBut first we had to sell our old house.  So we called our handy dandy realtor, Doug Runyan (who is awesome by the way) and two months later we sold our house, which you can view here.  The only hitch is our new house will not be ready till December 15th.

What to do?

Well first we tried to find a place to rent, we were hoping to stay close to the kids school.  However when we saw how much rent prices had jumped recently we needed a new plan.  That is where my parents came to the rescue.  They (my mom in particular) offered to let us stay at their house, free of charge, as long as we kept clean and paid for our own food.  DEAL!  What does this have to do with our mysterious disappearance?  Well my parents happen to live an hour away from where we are building and where the kids go to school.  After thinking about the pros and cons, we decided to go for it.  So we moved in with my parents and commute the hour back and forth each day in one Mini car.  But don’t feel too sad for me because this is where we get to live

Texas livingtexas backyardWe will give a full tour of the Okey Doke Ranch in a future post.  So now that we are living rather far, we are just pretty much driving during the week and staying at the Okey Doke on the weekend.

So lets break down the numbers shall we.

Time we wake up for school and taking Dan to work – 5:00am

Miles driven each day – 100+ depending on extra errands that may be run

Money spend on gas each month – $600

People that can fit in a mini cooper – 4 and no more

Morning drive – easy breezy 45 minutes.

Evening drive – grueling 1 hour and 20 minutes

Hours to kill between picking up kids from school and getting Dan at work – 2 hours

Time kids go to bed – 7:00 and yes they fall asleep instantly.

Anyway hopefully that clears things up for those that were confused.  It will all be worth it when we get to move into our new house.  Right now we are just enjoying some extra time with Grandma.

What about you?  Have you ever done any strange arrangements to achieve a goal?


2 thoughts on “Oh where oh where have the Smith’s gone?

  1. Wow! That’s amazing! And hey, if you want to come over between school and work, you’re more than welcome! The boys could watch The Incredibles or Hercules or something like that (I do have a *few* movies for kids… ;-) ) or they could play a game (I have LOTS of games), and we could give them a snack, and you and I could hang with Hattie. :-)

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