Small and Happy Things

I love when you run across little things that just make you feel good. People that just add a small bit of happiness and help lift the gloom from a mood. For example a couple days ago I was at the bank. The teller was extremely chipper which was nice. But that wasn’t the Happy Thing. The Happy Thing was she sent me this on the envelope.

Happy drive through envelope

That was a fun surprise.  But the next day (you really need to bank at my bank) I found this at the bottom of the tube.

Happy Face in a tube

Seriously these are some happy people.  Which made me decide I should be happy too.  A sort of pay it forward mood thing happened.  But the best Small and Happy thing that ever happened to me was finding these on my windows one morning.

I love you


If you can’t read it the top one says “I love you,” written by Austin and the bottom one says “Logan,” written by Logan.  Logan can only write his name so it is the same as saying I love you. That kept me in a good mood for at least a week.

What about you?  What are some Small and Happy things that you have seen lately?


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